I-DROP PUR (Advanced Relief)


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I-DROP® PUR – Advanced Relief!

The Only Contact Lens Compatible, Viscoadaptive, Preservative-Free Artificial Tear Available.

Who Should Use I-DROP® PUR?

I-DROP® PUR is recommended for patients with mild to moderate chronic dry eye disease looking for advanced relief and comfort for their dry eyes.

What Are The Benefits Of Using I-DROP® PUR?

Immediate and longer-lasting relief
Superior comfort
Non-blurring upon application
Lower therapy costs due to the need for less applications
Contact Lens compatible

What Makes I-DROP® PUR Unique?

The Viscoadaptive property of I-DROP® PUR contains 0.18% HA with added glycerin. This formulation allows the drops to move back and forth across the surface of the eye with every blink, allowing for a longer residence time. It offers a higher hydration capability and stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film, resulting in superior comfort to the patient.

Our sophisticated one-way valve dispenses 1 sterile dosed drop at a time (no wasted product) and eliminates any chance of the product re-entering the bottle. Our anti-bacterial tip ensures safe, sterile delivery of each drop. When the drop is dispersed, there is a distinctive blue tip which facilitates “aiming” by the patient.

Size 10ml bottle
Form Drops
Preservative Preservative-free
After opening can be used for 12 months
Approx number of drops 200
Suitable for use while wearing contact lenses Yes
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.18% (viscoadaptive)
Viscosity Not supplied
Osmolarity Not supplied
Phosphate free buffer Not supplied
Good for Moderate dry eyes
Suitable for use in pregnancy & breast feeding There is no data to confirm safe but not aware of any potential adverse effects. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor.
Brand I-Drop
Manufacturer I-Med Pharma
Approximate weight 25g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gene Jacobson

I had vision correction surgery and use a lot of eye drops. These are the best (long lasting) ones I have tried. They were recommended by a friend who had a similar surgery.

Kayla Brown

Process was easy, delivery was quick, and it was the most affordable option I could find! Would definitely recommend.

Wesley Hoffmann

This product works great, and shipping is always faster, than predicted by the company!

Howie Tayla

Bought this for my mom and she loves it. Relieved her eye irritation with just one drop! Would recommend this brand.

Katherine Peterson

quick and easy - good pricing