Our new small version of Moisture Release Eyewear offers the ultimate dry eye relief while eyes are open, indoors and out.  The lightweight frame features soft rubber gasket, bendable nose bridge and adjustable temples which combined creates a custom fit which gently seals the area around the eyes, protecting them from dry air, wind, dust, pollen and harmful sun rays.  Unlike other wrap sunglasses, the Moisture Release Eyewear takes it to the next level by introducing humidity to improve visual acuity and relieve eyes from fatigue, redness and dryness!  This patented product utilizes two vented chambers which are moistened prior to use, acting as reservoirs.  The moistened cartridges combined with body heat in an enclosed space, creates evaporation from the cartridges, increasing relative humidity easing dryness.  Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and ensure optimum performance.  This frame is RX-able.  The eyesize is 57mm.  Temple length is 125mm – 145mm.

Using New Small MRE

Place cartridges in water for 30 seconds.  Remove cartidges from water and insert into frame.  Bend nose-bridge and adjust temple length to create a seal.  Place frame over eyes.  Moisture will evaporate for a 4-6 hour period.  After which, simply remove cartridges, re-moisten and insert back into frame for another 4-6 hours of relief.