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Thealoz® Duo Gel Dry Eye Drops

Thealoz® Duo Gel Eye drops are suitable for more severe dry eye or for night time use as it combines both long-lasting relief and protection for the surface of the eye, with a carbomer gel which gives added staying power.

Thealoz® Duo Gel Eye drops are suit­able for more severe dry eye or for night time use as it com­bines both long-last­ing relief and pro­tec­tion for the sur­face of the eye as Thealoz Duo, with an added car­bomer gel which pro­vides stay­ing power.

Clin­i­cal­ly proven to increase the thick­ness of the tear film which relieves symp­toms of Dry Eye1.
0.15% Hyaluron­ic acid – this acts as a tear lubri­cant, pro­vides long-last­ing relief and soothes your symptoms
3% Tre­halose is added to pro­vide pro­tec­tion for the sur­face of the eye
Thealoz Duo Gel is ide­al for mod­er­ate to severe signs and symp­toms of dry eye such as dis­com­fort, sting­ing or irri­ta­tion of the eye.
Con­tact lens wear­ers –please remove them before apply­ing and after using, wait at least 30 min­utes before putting your lens­es back in.
30 unit dose (each con­tain­er has 0.4ml)

Ideal for Patients:

  • Moderate to severe dry eye
  • Patients requiring additional relief from their more persistent dry eye signs and symptoms with fewer drops3
  • Pre and post-cataract surgery comfort (note: please confirm dosing with your doctor)2
  • Day and nighttime use (particularity suited for evening use in combination with Thealoz Duo eye drops during the day)
Size 30 x 0.4g vials
Form Liquid Gel
Preservative Preservative-free
After opening can be used for Single Use
Suitable for use while wearing contact lenses No
Carbomer 0.25%
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%
Trehalose 3.00%
Viscosity Not supplied
Osmolarity Hypotonic
207 mOsm/kg
Phosphate free buffer Yes
Good for Moderate-severe dry eyes
Night-time use
Suitable for use in pregnancy & breast feeding There is no data to confirm safe but not aware of any potential adverse effects. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor.
Brand Thealoz
Manufacturer Thea Pharmaceuticals
Approximate weight 70g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rita Watson

This was recommended by an optician for my dry sensitive inflamed eyes. It is very soothing and comfortable and seems to help. My eyes are improving gradually.

Tonya Wolf

My mother has extreme dry eye problems and these drops have helped moisturize her corneas.

Willie Holmes

This product works when other do not and it's preservative free which is really important to me. I am happy to buy this product and would definitely recommend Market Mall Eye Clinic.

Wilma Duque

I suffer from extreme dry eye and have always used Thealoz products but find the gel to be the most effective. I also much prefer the individual vials.

Abby Morris

Theoloz Duo Gel is easy to use and keeps my eyes hydrated through the night.