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Hyabak preservative free eye drops are recommended for the treatment of dry eyes.

It features 4-fold protection: free of preservatives, osmotically balanced, permanently moisturizes, and protects against UVB.

It can be used with any sort of contact lenses.

It is preservative free due to its unique ABAK® container; a complex filtering system which ensures the sterility of the solution for 3 months from opening. ABAK® container provides leakage-free and consistent dripping. Uniformly sized drops are dispensed by the container during every use.

Hyabak contains:

Sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates and lubricates dry eyes.
Actinoquinol, which mitigates the UVB radiation-evoked harmful processes.
The hypotonicity of Hyabak helps restore the osmotic balance of dry eyes, which contributes to the regeneration of the cells of the ocular surface.

Product Features:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%
  • Preservative Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • Hypotonic
  • Hydrates, lubricates and balances
  • Extra Strength Moisturizing relief and Long-Lasting Contact Time1
  • Better lubrication and repartition on the ocular surface due to viscoelastic properties2,3

Ideal for Patients:

  • Experiencing discomfort in their contact lenses
  • Mild Dry Eye
  • Occasional sufferers – such as dry eye caused by using computers

Hyabak is recommended:

To lubricate and moisten the eyes, or for the treatment of pain or dryness evoked by irritants such as wind, smoke, pollution, dry heat, air-conditioning, air-travel, or prolonged work in front of a computer screen.

For contact lens wearers, it provides permanent lubrication and hydration of the lenses, and it makes wear, insertion and removal of the lenses more comfortable.


Size 10ml bottle
Form Drops
Preservative Preservative-free
After opening can be used for 90 days
Approx number of drops 300
Suitable for use while wearing contact lenses Yes
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%
Viscosity Not supplied
Osmolarity Hypotonic
205 mOsm/kg
Phosphate free buffer Yes
Good for Mild-moderate dry eyes
Moderate dry eyes
Suitable for use in pregnancy & breast feeding There is no data to confirm safe but not aware of any potential adverse effects. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor.
Brand Hyabak
Manufacturer Thea Pharmaceuticals
Approximate weight 35g

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Returns: We accept returns for contact lenses and accessories, provided the boxes are unopened, unmarked, and unused.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Donald Harris

I have suffered with a dry eye condition for years. I had a cataract operation earlier this year and my eyes seemed even worse. My Optician gave me a free sample of this product to try and it was amazing so when it ran out I ordered more immediately. I've tried many other products but this one doesn't have any preservative so doesn't irritate my eyes. I only have to use it twice a day and am very happy with it.

Victor Spicer

These drops are like putting water in the eyes. They don’t sting or make my eyes itchy. They are perfect for my dry eyes. The best I’ve used.

Jacqueline Jenkins

The best eye drops I have ever used. Very soothing and no stinging. Well worth the money.

Nancy Ratcliff

I have used many eye products over the years as I have itchy eyes at times and nothing ever worked. Then a friend recommended Hyabak and the result was amazing!

Amelia Howchin

The product helps to lessen my dry eyes symptoms.