HYLO Lubricating Eye Drops

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HYLO eye drops are preservative free artificial tears available in a 10 mL bottle that contains 200 drops.  The bottle can be used safely for 6 months after opening.

HYLO eye drops contain the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the eye and other parts of the body. Due to its special physical property, HYLO® forms a regular, stable, long lasting lubricating film on the eye surface. This film is not easily rinsed off and does not cause blurred vision. HYLO provides long-lasting moisture to the surface of the eye to efficaciously support the natural process of healing


  • Contains 1mg/mL Sodium Hyaluronate, a citrate buffer, sorbitol and water.
  • To improve the lubrication of the eye surface in eyes that are dry, burning or have foreign body sensations due to environmental conditions including after ophthalmo-surgical interventions.
  • For rewetting of contact lenses to minimize dryness.

Who can use HYLO?

HYLO® is suitable for all ages, for pregnant women and during lactation.

When should you not use HYLO?

HYLO® should not be used if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. As HYLO® is preservative free it is well tolerated even when used over extended periods of time. In very rare cases hypersensitive reactions like burning or excessive tearing have been reported which stopped immediately when the use of HYLO® was discontinued.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Suzette Harris

This is absolutely the best eye drops for my dry eye condition. It clears and keeps my eyes from watering with no burning sensation like all the popular eye drops that I have tried. I've tried them all. Highly recommend this product!

Marilyn Romirez

Easy to apply brilliant lubricating eye drops. I have tried a number of different types including gel but these are the best for all day clarity and lack of grittiness. Recommended

Ella Molvig

This is a great product. Really helps relieve my eyes.