Revolutionary hands-free method for naturally relieving stye symptoms. Use system to create soothing moist-heat compresses. Secured by an elastic band, you are free to continue with other activities such as reading, using the computer or watching TV while applying the compress.

The Stye Care kit includes:
-one foam lined eye cushion.
-one 50ml Advanced Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser
-four thermoeyes instant reusable gel packs.
-one set of white fabric pouches and mesh bag.

To use: Moisten white fabric pouch with hot bottled water. Squeeze out excess water. Activate thermoeyes instant gel pack and place into moisten white fabric pouch into eye cushion. Place eye cushion up to affected eye and secure with elastic band. Wear for at least 10 minutes. Best to repeat twice daily or as directed by an eye doctor.

Apply one pump of Advanced Tea Tree Cleanser onto moistened washcloth, and gently wash affected eyelid area.  Rinse well with warm water and dry skin.