Thealoz Trehalose (3% 10 mL)


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Thealoz® – Trehalose 3 % Hydration and protection of the eye for dry eye treatment.

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Thealoz® – Trehalose 3 % Hydration and protection of the eye for dry eye treatment. INGREDIENTS: Trehalose: 3 %, Sodium Chloride, Trometamol, Hydrochloric acid, Water for injections. WHEN TO USE THEALOZ: THEALOZ can be used when you have dry eye sensation (discomfort, stinging, irritation) and tired eyes caused by external factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, dust, dry heat, air conditioning, plane journeys, long hours working in front of a computer screen. Preservative free THEALOZ can be used by contact lens wearers. It provides immediate comfort for contact lens users during the day. PROPERTIES: THEALOZ is a sterile, preservative free, isotonic and pH neutral aqueous ophthalmic solution. Its main ingredient is trehalose, a natural simple sugar present in many plants and animals, which can survive in extremely dry conditions. Trehalose protects and hydrates and is an antioxidant. For these reasons, it is essential in the anhydrobiotic process used in certain tiny organisms (a slow metabolism that helps them live in dry conditions). Trehalose also protects and stabilises cell membranes, by stopping change of proteins and breakdown of fats.

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Hundley

This product works better than anything i ever tried in my life. I put the drops and keep my eyes close for 10 min great!

Hannah Middleton

Great product, everything I ordered came quickly. I highly recommend this brand.

Tiffany Arcuri

This is a great product for anyone who suffers from dry eyes or if your eyes don’t make enough tears. I highly recommend this product.

Emmie Dunn

Very good product.

Lucy Beavis

This product is excellent and has helped my dry eye problem a lot - having previously tried out many other makes. Highly recommend this brand.